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Red Triangle Slugs in Angophora

Red triangle slugsRed Triangle Slugs found by Jen and the team as they removed Strelitzia’s (Strelitzia nicolia) – a garden plant that takes over areas of bushland and continues spreading taking over native shrub and ground plants – if not removed.

This photo is from Angophora Reserve Avalon where Dragonfly Environmental are ‘ Bringing Back the Bush’ – well getting out the grass and ground weeds spread from gardens and keeping the fuel load low along the interface between houses.

The Red Triangle Slug is Australia’s largest native land slug. The distinctive red triangle on its back contains the breathing pore.

Size range: 14 cm

East coast of Australia: Queensland, New South Wales.

Red Triangle Slugs are found in urban areas, forests and woodlands and heath.

Feeding and Diet
The Red Triangle Slug is usually found grazing on microscopic algae growing on the surface of smooth-barked eucalypt trees, leaving behind scalloped tracks as it goes. If given the chance, it will also remove bathroom mould.

Other behaviours and adaptations
Native slugs can be differentiated from introduced slugs because they have only one pair of tentacles, while introduced snails and slugs have two pairs. Also, the saddle-shaped mantle seen in introduced snails is reduced or absent in native snails and slugs.

Species: Graeffei
Genus: Triboniophorus

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